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That is me!

I work on this website, create the videos and worksheets on my Mac. I am a teacher - currently in a transition to another school. I am 53 years old, live close to Rosenheim in southeastern Bavaria/Germany. 

My personal goal is to become a fulltime virtual learning material creator and communicator. Digitalisation around the child has just begun and there are plenty of great learning activities out there that deserve full digitalisation. With full digitalisation I mean virtual learning materials, virtual work sheets and virtual teachers with a cloud connection, so that all of the child's work can be documented and used for improving learning feedback.


My story

Around 2000, I embarked on an exciting academic journey - pursuing a PhD in education at a prestigious university in West Germany. My research on virtual learning environments sparked a passion for innovating and improving education. Though I made the difficult decision not to complete my PhD, I gained valuable perspectives that still influence my work.

When the dot-com bubble burst, I pivoted to a daring new startup venture in Berlin. While this ultimately went bankrupt, I emerged more resilient, willing to take risks, and committed to my entrepreneurial spirit.

Health challenges led me to slow down and appreciate the simple joy of teaching. Over time, I rediscovered my strength through tutoring students one-on-one. This allowed me to rebuild and reignite my passion for progressive education.

Eager to create lasting change, I explored founding a school fusing the best of democratic and Montessori models. Though this dream school didn't fully materialize, the experience lit a fire for educational reform.

I invested deeply in Montessori training, which opened my eyes to children's immense potential. My time interning in remarkable Montessori schools contrasted with flawed conventional settings only amplified my conviction.

Berlin's thriving startup scene connected me with stellar co-founders Jamal and Chad. We began laying the groundwork for an ambitious new vision.

Though traditional schools didn't always welcome my pioneering Montessori approach, I persisted in gently challenging norms. My search for the ideal teaching home has led me to new cities and schools bursting with potential.

Hardships have only expanded my perspective and resolve. With an unfailing support system and growth mindset, I feel called to keep pursuing my educational vision. Each experience steels me for new ventures to transform learning. I'm ready to make an even greater impact.


I always look for people who want to join me on this journey!

+49 (0) 176 56 77 17 15 (also WhatsApp)

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