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Cyber Schooling is proud to work on next level global school books.


  • Continuos and free upates during the lifetime of the license

  • Built in feedback loop to give learners a voice

  • Digital Priority - low prices through digital distribution, you are not forced to buy paper books

  • Starting with Maths and then English

  • Validated by the community: explanations, exercises and solutions to exercises are permanently improving

  • Individualization: Get the full power of digitalization with virtual learning materials, virtual teachers, cloud based documentation and full integration into your favorite learning management system

AI as an author

Reduce one of the main costs for school book creation

Digital school books
that correct themselves

frequent online updates automatically installed

Learner feedback in the center

Reduce paper consumption as much as possible

Individualization und complete digitalization

Get the full power of digitalization - virtual learning materials, virtual teachers and perfect learner documentation integrated into your school books and your favorite learning management systems!

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